kehlani ethnicity Q A with Hardy Indiigo

by Jenna Von Oy | Last Updated on: June 25th, 2021 at 1:45 pm

How to describe Hardy Indigo?  This multi-level-creative force of a man exudes the kind of positive energy that just makes you want to bake in the warmth of it. Hardy (born Hardy Muanza) was born in Congo, raised in France is now based in New York where he continues to develop his talents as a creator whilst working with various artists in “creating innovative sounds and captivating musical textures.”

Keeping the party moving..

In 2012 Hardy produced and co wrote the hit song “Superstar” on Madonna‘s MDNA album as well as collaborating as a musical director and Dj for her Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, the Macy’s Launch event for the Material Girl clothing line as well as many other private functions (Hardy “kept the party moving” as Dj for Madonna’s 2012 and 2013 Oscars party).

Stella Santana

In 2014, Hardy produced 4 songs for America’s Got Talent finalist Kehlani as well as producing 10 tracks for Stella, (Carlos Santana‘s daughter) including a duo with Carlos himself.

…with a passion for fashion…

Hardy’s love of music and passion to create also lead to his first accessories and leather goods capsule collection. A sneaker collaboration with Italian sportswear brand Fila that is expected to be released in fall 2016 as well as a collaboration with Italian eyewear brand Glassing. Keeping up?

…and giving.

Feeling the desire to help kids in need Hardy founded Invest In Kids (called iiKids), a foundation that empowers kids through education, arts and culture. Hardy and iiKids donate a percentage of his earnings to non-profit organizations, charities and foundations involved in helping kids such as our friend Noella’s Malaika Foundation, a school in Congo that empowers women through education.

For us, like all the men we invite to our Q+A,  he embodies qualities of manhood that we love to represent.

Do you remember the first time you found a girl or woman ‘beautiful’?

Yes it was at school I was like 7 years old, her name was Laura Crispy.

Can you describe why you found her ‘beautiful’??

She was blonde with blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Everybody wanted to be with her, I didn’t pay her any mind until she did and we became very close. The best part about it is that she was loyal. She didn’t care about anybody or nothing else but me. That was attractive to me.

How important is physical beauty important to you and why?

As a human being  and especially as men we are attracted by what we see first then everything else. Physical beauty plays a part until it doesn’t, it’s one of the element that defines attraction. But physical beauty is not enough and will never be for the simple fact that our body transforms as we get older, and only the internal beauty will live as long as we have a soul.

What do you find beautiful about your mother?

She’s physically a beautiful woman, and a great mom. She raised 4 kids on her own as a young Congolese fresh out the plane. The sacrifices she made, the education she gave us is priceless. Even if a lot of mistakes were made she stood by us and did everything she could. That’s a beautiful person in my eyes.

What do you find beautiful about women now that you are an adult?

Values and principles. I get it from my mama. That’s the most important thing for me. This society breeds lost souls, and push insecurity to the extreme. Social medias are the best platform for it.

Have women’s looks become more or less important in our society?

Way more important. Let’s take social media for example. If you look at instagram, almost everything is related to women is about Fitness/Yoga, Hair/Makeup, Fashion, strippers, Kardashians. Everything is about appearances, not much about philanthropy or real women empowerment. And it’s all over the platform whether you follow them or not.

“Work and pleasure. With the homie for the Indiigo & Mozie hat collection”

If you had a daughter who did not possess what society perceives as beauty and felt insecure about this, what would you say to her?

Beauty comes from within, that’s the real beauty. You will always be beautiful in my eyes and those who love you for who you are. Regardless of what people may say or think always know that you are beautiful inside and outside and let no one ever make you think or feel otherwise.

If your daughter attracted unwarranted attention from men because she was perceived as beautiful, what would you say to her?

Be careful, protect yourself and your heart by any means necessary. Whoever you are attracted to, make sure he has values and principles that match or complete yours. Have integrity and get the respect you deserve when its due. Never lose sight of your life’s goals. Compromise but don’t lose yourself or waste your time pleasing someone who doesn’t deserve your devotion. Find happiness within. Do not put your dreams on hold to build someone else’s.

Would you like to see a wider variety of women in the media (age, ethnicity physicality) or do you like it just the way it is?

A wider variety. We see the same thing over and over again. People have no life, it’s all about gossip nowadays. I would love to see the other women who are geniuses, warriors, skilled in what they do but nobody cares to know. It goes from single moms, CEOs, athletes, doctors to actresses, and activists. There’s a wide spectrum to be covered.

Does the media represent women in a way that you see them? If not, how?

Absolutely not. Like I said earlier it’s very degrading. if you do not pay attention, and most people don’t, you really are going to think that this is what women are. And it goes for both men and women, especially the youth. The media sets the standards for the uneducated mind. If Kim K is society’s standard and a proof of concept of success, how the new generation won’t want to be naked online or have their body redone, especially if it equals success. Insecurities and ego are unfortunately the main reason why society and its system is very hard to beat. It’s very upsetting.

Jenna von Oy began her professional acting career at the age of six, when she landed her first big break in a Jell-O Pudding Pop commercial with Bill Cosby. Von Oy has made her mark in television, having been a series regular on three network sit-coms.