10 Best Curling Irons Of 2023

by Elizabeth | Last Updated on: September 29th, 2023 at 1:17 pm

They’re the go-to tool for producing easy waves and fresh curls now that they’re a bit more contemporary and updated. The right-size barrel, as well as how hot the iron gets, when you use hairspray, and how you hold the iron, make a huge impact on the kind of curl you obtain. a cylinder-shaped barrel with a tension retaining clip for tighter, more beautifully defined spiral curls.

A superb curling iron is essential for producing head-turning ideal beach waves or cascading curls. You want one that is simple to use and handle, warms up quickly so you can curl your hair quickly, reaches a high enough temperature to establish curls without harming your hair, and is within your budget.

Choose a bigger barrel (1 1/4-inch and higher) if you prefer relaxing, beachy waves. Titanium barrels are often lighter than ceramic barrels and can maintain high temperatures for longer periods of time, while ceramic barrels spread heat more uniformly and are less prone to harm hair, making them more suited for at-home users with various hair textures.

It’s crucial to have a curling iron with temperature control. Lower temperatures are ideal for fine hair, especially around the face, while higher temperatures are ideal for coarse, natural, or difficult-to-curl hair. Wrapping hair around the clip on certain models may be used as a wand for looser curls and waves. Irons with an auto shut-off function are popular among our testers. Because it turns off for you, you’ll never have to remember to disconnect your curling iron. So, without further ado, here are the top ten curling wands available today.

Best curling iron 2023


ghd Creative Curl Tapered Hair Curling Wand

Ultra-zoneTM technology monitors temp across the whole barrel & adapts to your hair for healthier looking hair.

Finer hair requires around five seconds on the barrel, while coarser hair may need up to eight seconds. It features a tapered shape that spans 28mm at the barrel’s base to 23mm at the tip, allowing you to regulate the size of each ringlet. According to ghd, this is the optimum temperature for a long-lasting style.

It has six sensors and unique tri-zone technology to keep the temperature consistent throughout the barrel. It also features “ultra-zone technology,” which distributes heat evenly across the wand, allowing you to produce waves in five to eight seconds.

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CHI Ceramic Tourmaline 1″ Curling Iron

The CHI 1″ Ceramic Curling Iron incorporates cutting-edge technology that merges Ceramic with uniform heat distribution, resulting in a remarkable abundance of negative ions and Far Infrared. These elements effectively minimize static electricity, enabling you to achieve your desired style with ease. The hair is left with a smooth and silky texture, accompanied by an unparalleled shine. The non-adhesive ceramic surface effortlessly glides through the hair, producing opulent waves and curls that endure throughout the day.

Of course, there are some interesting tech features, such as a heat sensor that monitors the temperature every 40 seconds to prevent damage. My straight, fine hair dries flawlessly in about 10 minutes thanks to its strong motor. It comes with a variety of brush attachments, as well as two sizes of curling wands.

It’s particularly amazing since you don’t even have to touch your hair to use it. It curls your hair for you by sucking it up with heated air rather than conventional heat, which is less harmful. If you want the appearance of a blowout but don’t like the work it takes to achieve one, it’s well worth the money.

Best curling iron for short hair


Lunata Beauty Cordless Convertible Curling Iron

Lunata Beauty Cordless Convertible Curling Iron

It has a battery life of up to 40 minutes when set to high, and much longer if set to medium or low. This guy’s clamp is also detachable, so you can use it as an iron or a wand.

This is the first and only full-sized curling iron without a cable on the market. This cordless gadget saves the day by swooping in and saving the day. This iron comes with a rechargeable battery and four temperature settings, as well as a detachable clamp that allows you to use it as a wand for easy beach waves.

If you’re weary of having your hair tangled in cords when curling it, Lunata has the curler for you. The 1.25-inch barrel makes curling and waves a breeze, and you can get to those hard-to-reach places behind your head without burning yourself since there’s no cable in the way.

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T3 Micro Twirl Trio Interchangeable CurlingIron

T3 Micro Twirl Trio Interchangeable CurlingIron

This option is a little expensive, but you’re getting three different tools for the price of one. You’ll be able to choose from five different heat settings and benefit from a computerised heating technology that eliminates hot and cold areas.

Instead of consistent spirals, the tapered end is ideal for leaving your ends a little straighter or less styled for a genuine, easy flippy-wave appearance. A trio of replaceable barrels are included with the base.

For voluminous waves, use the 12” straight barrel, the 14” tapered barrel for loose curls, or the tiniest 1” straight barrel for precise spirals. I like that the barrels on this curling wand are interchangeable, so I can simply go back and alter up the size of my waves to make them appear more lived-in.

Best curling iron for beginners


Revlon Salon Long Lasting Curls Titanium Curling Iron

Revlon Salon Long Lasting Curls Titanium Curling Iron

REVLON is an American multinational corporation and the leading brand in the hair products industry, providing high-quality curling irons at a low cost to achieve professional curls and waves.

Revlon provides high-quality curling tools at an affordable price; it utilizes the same technology, materials, and other comparable components as many high-end curling tools to create the same high-quality curls and waves in your hair for a fraction of the cost. Revlon wanted to maintain the mood of its curling irons fun and bright, so they developed colorful and lightweight curling tools that would draw customers’ attention as soon as they saw them.

The curling iron is made using Titanium technology and high-quality materials to give you the results you desire. The 1-1/4-inch barrel size of this finest travel-friendly curling iron is ideal for producing mild beachy waves and curls. The quick heat-up function works well with the titanium technology, allowing for uniform heat dispersion and long-lasting effects.

It also aids in the reduction of over-drying and the reduction of frizz and static. The Revlon curling iron is suited for all hair types and has all of the essential functions that you would expect from a high-quality styling equipment.


BIO IONIC Long Barrel Curling Iron

BIO IONIC Long Barrel Curling Iron

NanoIonic MX in the barrel rapidly shapes and creates curls, while Bio Ionic Moisturizing HeatTM closes the cuticle and locks in moisture. This is the ideal travel companion due to its universal voltage and one-hour auto-shutoff.

With a digital temperature gauge, you can maintain the heat on a low setting. If your locks could need some additional TLC, first use a heat protectant before using any hot tools, and second, make sure you’re styling using this wand.

The increased length of the barrel, which the company says is 2 inches longer than typical curling irons and adjustable heat up to 430oF, makes this one-inch broad tool ideal for longer hair.

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Paul Mitchell Pro 3-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro 3-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron

It’s a lot simpler with our unique design. It’s thanks to an extra-long barrel and a one-of-a-kind technology that allows you to fold it into four different configurations.

A nine-foot cable and an automated shut-off mechanism are other noteworthy features. It warms up fast, and the temperature settings for every hair type are simple to browse and modify. It features a programmable auto shut-off feature, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your curler on when you leave the room.

Because of its skillfully constructed body and heating mechanism, the Paul Mitchell Pro Curling Iron is a high-quality curling iron. Three barrels of varying sizes are included with this curling iron. Beautiful ringlets may be achieved with a 0.75” cone-shaped barrel, particularly with short hair.

A 1″ barrel is best for delicate curls, while a 1.25″ barrel is best for big waves. This curling iron offers a large temperature range. The clamp-free barrels on this gadget make hairstyling a breeze. With the wand and barrel connected, this hair styling tool is 18 inches long. Every hairdo you design will endure the whole day.

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CHI Ceramic Rotating Hair Curler

CHI Ceramic Rotating Hair Curler

This ingenious curler pulls hair into a specially constructed chamber, where it is precisely heated to produce beautiful curls and waves every time.

The CHI Ceramic Rotating Curler has CHI ceramic heat technology, which generates far infrared heat while healthier-looking curls. This styler tool helps us to prevent heat damage with the help of readily changeable temperature settings and a variety of preset temps for each hair texture.

The CHI Air Spin n Curl Rotating Curler is designed with tangle prevention to produce a beautiful curl and makes curling hair simpler than ever before. It has a one-hour automatic shut-off feature for your protection. It includes two buttons for controlling the direction of your curls. It comes with a 9-foot swivel cable for easy styling and a 2-year guarantee.

Best curling iron for thick hair


Remington Pro 1 Multi-Styler

Remington Pro 1 Multi-Styler

It has wonderful twist and curl technology for simple, long-lasting results, as well as a new and enhanced smooth glide design and Ceramic Titanium smooth Plates for quick, even heat. Its twisting plates guide hair to create bouncy curls, beach waves, or straight styles.

For a constant curl, a piece of short hair easily wraps around the narrower barrel, which is approximately half an inch to an inch thick. The sensor of this styling iron minimizes overheating for reduced damage and color fading, making it ideal for color-treated hair. To ensure a smooth glide, the Ceramic Titanium plates heat up quickly.

It amazingly works for beach waves, twist, and glide, for bouncy curls, glide slowly, or for smooth, straight styles, glide without twisting. It provides quick, uniform heat and a smooth glide. From 300 °F to 450 °F, you can discover the right heat for your hair type. The crushed pearl-infused barrel creates a long-lasting curl that’s silky and bouncy in equal measure.


BaBylissPRO Ceramic Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Ceramic Curling Iron

The BaByliss Pro Ceramic Curling Iron has a ceramic barrel that allows you to create tight to loose, frizz-free curls. Its convenient styling tool design makes creating tight to loose silky smooth curls a breeze.

Ceramic barrel technology is used to evenly distribute heat over the surface and eliminate hot spots. It also has 25 different heat settings. It’s ideal for penetrating and maintaining style in tangled strands. You don’t have to pick between tight and loose curls with its tapered barrel; you may have both. It’s simple to apply, and the curls lasted two days.

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