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by Jenna Von Oy | Last Updated on: August 24th, 2022 at 9:02 am

Facialist and thandiekay contributor Dija Ayodele looks at how to keep your hair in top condition this winter.

My hair and winter have never been the best of buddies, and how successful my mane comes out of the season is always in direct correlation to the amount of time and product investment I make.

In the past, finding the right products and tools has been tricky, longwinded and expensive. But the situation is improving and this year has seen more products easily available for naturally curly and Afro hair. Just take a look at these winning products.

Sacha Juan Intensive Repair Shampoo, £20

No big frills apart from quietly and excellently restoring your hair to its former glory, especially if your hair is subjected to the drying strains of daily styling and product build up. With patented ‘Ocean Silk’ technology it traps moisture into hair strands to strengthen and protect from further damage.

Big Hair Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment Mask, £14.95

A long-term lover that I occasionally cheat on, but I always come back. Based on a nourishing banana, honey, glycerin and Rhassoul clay formula it feels lush and is easy to distribute through hair for a deep penetrative treatment. The longer it’s on, the better the condition and feel of your hair on rinsing, which makes it ideal for a daylong pamper session.

Airmotion Pro Hairbrush, £12.95 

More a tool than a product, but for thick curly tresses, this is a prized essential. It detangles hair effortlessly, getting rid of knots and delivering smooth curls along the way. I love that it has an ergonomic handle meaning control is not compromised. You can brush thoroughly without the fear of it flying across the room.

Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturising Oil, £20.50

I’m a big fan of layering lightweight products and this oil is a staple in my hair regime. Because winter can be so drying to hair (think wooly hats, wigs, braids, scarves, radiators) a layer of oil will seal moisture into your tresses.  Consisting of Amazonian Buriti Oil, a little bit goes a long way to protect, increase manageability, improve softness and deliver shine. Plus Aveda’s trademark botanical scent is very soothing.

Joilette Caribbean Berry Curl Me Soft, £14.99

This natural aloe vera based moisturising cream is more effective on looser curls, but it gives just the perfect amount of moisture and slip to the hair for further styling. The whipped texture and tropical scent make it a pleasure to use and keeps hair moisturised for several days.

NXS Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion, £13.99 

An argan and coconut oil thirst quencher for dry and brittle hair. You can use this on wet or dry hair to hydrate without weighing down. I find it particularly useful as a daily styling lotion on dry hair. The texture is also light enough to use on mini me, which is a mega bonus, as I like to buy products we can both use.

Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Hair Masque, £22.50

I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to pamper and condition my hair, so if you are also time poor this two-minute in-shower hair mask is a complete lifesaver. It detangles and conditions hair quickly leaving it super soft. The curl definition is mind blowing too!

Skimdo Original Cream, from £7

I don’t tend to get on well with gel type styling products as I don’t always have the time to use as instructed. This one says for best results do a finger twist out. I have neither time nor patience, so I applied to very wet clean hair and voila! Masses of curl definition, softly held together without the dreaded crunch. No flakes or build up to boot, lasts for up to seven days and can be reactivated with a spray of water. Imagine if I did do the twist outs?

Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment, £12.99

The best I’ve found for smoothing down the hairline and controlling fly away strands. Even though it’s a gel, the castor oil and peppermint condition and invigorate the scalp to promote hair growth in the most delicate area of your head. Hairlines need help, especially in hat weather.

Unite Spray 7 Seconds Glossing Spray, £18.80

Whether you want to gloss your hairstyle, revive a post wash shine or want some heat protection – you get it all from this lightweight spray without any stiffness. It’s not a plastic shine either; it’s a natural looking dry shine, which in my book makes it ace.

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