7 Amazing Benefits of Using Microfiber Drying Towels for Your Hair

by Jenna Von Oy | Last Updated on: July 27th, 2023 at 7:22 am

Stop drying your hair with a regular towel – your hair deserves better than that!

Traditional cotton or linen towels can lead to dry, brittle, hair even if you use expensive hair care products. But hope is not lost – there is still time to reverse the damage and get the strong, luxurious hair you’ve always wanted.

Start by investing in microfiber drying towels.

Not convinced they’re worth it? Keep reading to learn the benefits of having microfiber towels in your life.

A Gentle Dry:

Microfiber towels can dry your hair in half the time of a traditional towel. The tiny fibers absorb water without drying out your hair completely.

The gentle dry comes in handy when you are in a rush to get your hair styled and get out the door. The towel will soak up the excess moisture but leave enough dampness that you can use a product or scrunch with your hands to get a low-maintenance curl.

You can also use a microfiber towel to dry hair before using a blow dryer to style it. This way, your hair isn’t dripping wet but it’s wet enough to curl, straighten, and style as you like using a brush and blow dryer.

Quick-drying microfiber hair towels will change the way you think about towel drying your hair!


You know how microfiber towels can help when you’re in a rush to wash and go, but what if you like to take your time getting ready? Can the microfiber towel still work for you? Yes – and here’s why.

The best microfiber drying towels are lightweight and smooth to the touch. So instead of having a bulky towel around your head, you can replace it with a lighter, more comfortable version. Some brands of microfiber towels even have buttons or velcro to keep the microfiber towel in place if you’re moving around to get dressed or do your makeup.

Get Rid of Frizz:

Using a microfiber towel for hair can reduce unwanted frizz for straight or curly hair. The fibers are gentle on hair reducing the friction that causes frizz.

But wait, will my hair look flat and volumeless? Nope! That’s the magic of the microfiber towel!

By allowing your hair to stay moisturized you can keep the volume and eliminate the frizz.

Suitable for Curls:

If you have curly hair you know that not all hair products are made with your hair in mind. Lucky for you the microfiber towel is perfect for curly hair.

Curls can stay bouncy without any effort at all. You can even sleep with a microfiber towel in your hair and wake up with curls that are ready to go.

Traditional towels require you to rub or massage your hair to get rid of excess water, but this can damage the curls. Microfiber towels dry your hair without any additional work or contact.

Stop worrying about drying your curls and keeping their shape. Get a microfiber towel and stress less!

Breakage Be Gone:

Hair breakage can occur for a number of reasons, but using a sub-par towel shouldn’t be one of them. When drying your hair with a cotton towel, your hair may break or become brittle. This affects the way it looks and feels.

When you rub a cotton towel over your head trying to dry it as fast as you can you are actually stimulating more oils from the scalp. The oils can make your hair look greasy or frizzy.

Cotton towels may also cause dead-ends or split ends– eek! But the gentle dry of microfiber towels will keep your hair stronger and prevent the follicle from breaking or becoming damaged during the drying process.

More for Your Money:

A single microfiber towel usually costs about the same as a single bath towel (depending on where you shop). But you can wash a microfiber towel up to 500 times – which is far above the standard bath towel.

The microfiber towel is good for multiple uses before washing too!

Investing in a microfiber towel will prevent you from buying and replacing bath towels every time they get worn out. The microfiber towels also tend to keep their color and texture better than traditional towels due to the tiny fibers.

When washing your microfiber towels be sure to separate them from your other cotton towels to keep the fabric lint-free. Your microfiber towels will last longer and work better if you wash them separately and refrain from using fabric softeners. The fibers are soft enough as is!

Fun and Stylish:

The popularity of microfiber towels is on the rise – which is not surprising based on all the awesome benefits and affordability. But if you need one more reason to buy a microfiber towel, what about the fun and funky colors and patterns you can choose from?!

Popular microfiber towel brands have created tons of new designs to turn a regular towel into a fun accessory. You may not be wearing one out in public, but you don’t have to worry about your friends or family seeing you with a big, bulky towel around your head.

Get ahead of the trend and buy your microfiber towel now!

Bonus Benefit – Portability

Packing for a trip and don’t have room to pack a towel to dry your hair? No problem! Microfiber towels and wraps are small and designed to be portable.
You can easily pack it in a carry-on suitcase or your gym bag and have plenty of room for your other essentials. The packing light is now no big deal!

Microfiber Drying Towels Will Change Your Life

By now you know all of the incredible benefits of using a microfiber drying towel. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for yours online today and experience it for yourself!
You won’t regret it – we promise!
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