Tail #3 "The Dynamic Pug Duo"

 Bailey asked me to write on our behalf this month, so here it goes...

Once again, it has been "paws"itively ages since I've written... I mean, YOU try writing with no opposable thumbs! The last time I wrote, we were welcoming our new sister, Mia (who is fantastic!), to the family. Well, after this “Tails of Bruiser...”, you might start thinking I only write when  somepuppy new joins my pack! Here we go again... I’m here to introduce you to yet another new family member!  Here’s the story in my words:

            Not too long ago, but very long ago in dog-time, my Mommy asked me how I would feel about “fostering” a Pug. She told me there’s an economic crisis going on, and that lots of folks have had to give up their amazing pups because of it. This REALLY makes Mommy & I sad. We can’t imagine having to lose each other, or our girls, Bailey & Mia! We would rather live in a box, than be separated. I would even give up treats! Mommy told me about a local rescue organization, which helps Pugs in need. Of course, the idea of having a fellow com”pug”triot in the house was just too much to bear- I couldn’t wait! We had a heart to heart, and decided to go for it... we have so much love to give, why wouldn’t we give it to a Pug who needs it?  Of course, Mommy & I had to answer all kinds of questions first. They also sent a really nice lady over to the house to interview me. I passed the test with flying colors, and I was off to meet my new friend! I was secretly hoping for a girl Pug (I think that’s self-explanatory), but I’m pretty sure I ended up with the companion I was supposed to. The foster folks said that sometimes you don’t get the friend you think you want, but you get the one you need! They were right.  His name is Boo, and we think he’s about three years old. Boo’s first owners had already named him, and I was super happy they hadn’t chosen something crazy, like Fido... SO overused! I actually think his name suits him well. They told me he used to have a lot of room to run around, and that he was very loved, but his parents couldn’t afford him. That’s why they brought him to the orph”pug”nage. Such a sad story, but I can only be thankful that he found us. He’s a pretty cool little brother! He doesn’t argue with me, and we really like going on walks together. In fact, on the first day Mommy & I brought him home, we took a walk together. It made me so proud when he ran to catch up with me! Now we always walk side-by-side. I’m already so attached, that I made Mommy promise never to give him up.  Looks I might be officially adopting him soon...

My cautionary “tail”: Before this next segment of “Tails of Bruiser”, I should give you a small warning... In big brotherly fashion, I made a promise to little Boo, that I feel the need to keep. He asked if he could try his paw at writing his own version of how he came to live at our house, and I said “woof”(which means “yes”, in your world...) If you ask me, Boo is a little neurotic & spastic, so I caution you not to expect Faulkner or Hemingway... or even Dr. Seuss, for that matter. Without further ado, here’s the story in Boo’s words:

I’m so excited to meet my new family. Ooh, look at the pretty, red, fire hydrant! There’s my new family, and there’s a guy who looks just like me! Big eyes and everything! Yum. Treats. I love treats. Can I have more treats please? What’s your name Dude? Mine’s Boo. They originally named me some other crazy name, but the foster folks are cool, so they call me “Boo”. So can you. You want some treats? I love treats. Ooh, look, a butterfly! Your name’s Bruiser, huh? Nice. I think I can remember that. Boo & Bruiser. Boo & Bruiser. We can call ourselves “Boozer: The Dynamic Pug Duo”. Let’s go hang at your house! I mean, our house now, I guess. Do you like chasing squirrels? I think that’s a fun game. Do we have a big yard with squirrels? I can’t wait to meet my new sisters. Wow, Mia’s a big girl! What a woman! There is a God, and he must love Pugs. A squeaky toy! Oh, how I missed squeaky toys! I think I can be happy here... Does anyone have treats?

Ahem. It’s me again... Bruiser. I think you get the idea, so I interrupt that spastically scheduled broadcast, to bring you a calmer ending to this “Tail”. That poor little guy needs to take a chill pill! For the record, our ever-growing family is doing well. Mia is all grown up now (she just turned two), and we have tons of fun running after each other. She’s a little bigger than she thinks she is, so sometimes I have to remind her that I’m the boss. I’ll admit, I’m getting a little grumpy in my old age, but I just turned seven, and I am a Pug, after all! Sometimes Mommy’s friends like to call me “The Colonel”, when I’m being a bit of a curmudgeon. Lately, though, I’ve been behaving especially well, so I can set a good example for the new guy. Bailey is loving life. She’s such a neat gal! I promise that I’m taking good care of my Mommy and my siblings, and I will try to write another update soon...

Love & Pawprints,


(And Bailey, Mia-Moo & Boo!)

Tail #2

Hello, everyone. We have "paws"itively HUGE news this month!! Mommy got us a brand new sister, and we LOVE her!!

Her name is Mia (although we prefer to call her "Moo" because of the cow-like spots on her back.) and she is a Basset Hound. She is the cutest little thing, but boy, is she growing fast! She'll outgrow us in no time flat. We spent the first couple of weeks getting such a kick out of her long ears. It almost looks like she can fly when she runs! She trips over them constantly, and we howl with laughter. We have compiled a bunch of fun photos so you can see for yourselves. Since Mia won't be old enough to write for a while, we will still call this page "The Tails Of Bruiser.And Bailey Too!" . Please keep checking back for more funny "Tails" about both of us, as well as updates on our new sis, Mia-Moo!!

Love & Pawprints,

Bruiser, Bailey & Mia-Moo

Tail #1

When my Mommy told me she was planning to put up a brand new website, I was worried she might try to keep me from sharing my infamous "Tails of Bruiser... (And Bailey Too!)" Fortunately, the response from my fans has been so overwhelming, I am back by "paw"pular demand! And, of course, I have my sidekick, Bailey, here to help out. (Well, she mostly barks at squirrels while I come up with the good stuff...) Anyway, here's what's going on in our world...

First things first. I turned five at the beginning of this year! Can you believe how old I'm getting? Don't tell Mommy I told you, but she turned 30 this year. That's "paws"itively ancient in dog years! Anyway, I had the best birthday party EVER. All of my friends came over and celebrated with me. They brought me tons of presents, (Bailey just called me "spoiled rotten", but she's just jealous...) and we even had doggie ice cream! Mommy says I wore more of it than I ate, but I wasn't the only one. All of my friends had ice cream mustaches too! I was so tired at the end of the night, I passed out in my party hat... As for Bailey, she wants me to tell you she turned three this year. I've been rubbing it in her snout that she won't get to have her special party like I did until she's five. Our birthdays are sort of close together, so Mommy said two parties were a bit much.

In other news, Bailey and I have been having a blast going to the recording studio with Mommy. We're the best behaved studio dogs I've ever seen, if I do say so myself. And I do. We like to hang out and meet all the musicians, and it's fun seeing Mommy so excited about doing her first album. We keep asking if we get to sing on it too, but she says I'm much better at snoring than singing... There have been some cool moments to tell you about though. For instance, it was kind of late in the evening one night, and we'd been at the studio all day long. Mommy was in the booth singing a very special song she wrote all by herself... It's one of my favorites. She looked all comfy in her blanket and furry moose slippers, and she had her favorite candles lit. She was also enjoying a glass of wine, and I was a little bummed she wouldn't give me any... The piano player and the electric guitarist (who were both amazing!), were in the room next to her, and they were all recording at the same time! They only did the song once or twice, and they didn't even fix a note of it! It was magical to watch. I had my nose pressed up against the glass the WHOLE time, and I listened to every word. I really wish I could have sat on her lap while she sang, but I'm not so good at the whole being quiet thing. Mommy says part of the reason that song is so special is because I was there watching her sing! I was secretly wondering when she was going to feed me my dinner, but I decided to keep that to myself...

Well...Bailey and I can't wait to write more soon, but we're off to the dog park with our Grandma... Please enjoy a few photos we've collected over the last few months, and have a "pugtastic" time checking out the rest of Mommy's site!

Love and Pawprints,